Elite Mental Performance Specialists


We work with clients who know the true value of results and success. We help our clients to make more intelligent decisions and perform optimally in high stakes situations.


01. Strategic

We work with individuals, teams and organisations we know we can help and who share a similar vision to us.

02. Professional

We aim to work with people in a collaborative way until we achieve the result and success you want.

03. Loyal

We take your trust in us seriously and provide a None Disclosure Agreement to be signed by all parties involved.

We Guarantee Your Success

We are so confident that we will help you achieve the result you are looking for that we offer a 100% guarantee.


clients that said we overdelivered


clients that got the result they wanted

Head Consultant

Founder of Inspiring Genius

Tony Broadbent

Head Consultant

Tony's fascination with human potential began forty years ago when he realised that performing optimally is in our DNA.


What We Do Best

unlock hidden performance

We help unlock hidden performance and have people perform instinctively and intuitively by helping them understand how the mind works.

optimise wellbeing

The hallmark of our work is being results driven and people focused meaning that the wellbeing of your people is paramount in all that we do.

Increase sales revenue

We help sales teams increase sales revenue and smash targets by seeing what’s hidden in plain sight, with less effort, time and stress.

executive coaching

We help executives and business leaders to gain clarity, perform better and make more intelligent decisions both at a macro and micro level.

solve intractable problems

We help people solve intractable problems even when previous attempts have been unsuccessful and the situation feels impossible.

create awesome cultures

We help people realise that culture change is not the tip of the spear but the wake that follows, in the same way that behaviour follows thought.