Case Study



Hochiki is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of fire detection and emergency lighting solutions and has an annual global sales turnover over £400million.


How We Helped Hochiki Increase Sales In The UK By Over £2.3 Million (22%) In Less Than a Year

After the initial consultation to identify and document the desired outcome, and in collaboration with the UK Sales Manager, we created a bespoke programme that fit in with the teams availability and the sales training budget, this consisted of intake sessions with each of the team followed by a two day state of mind training and then follow up with each of the team members.



Taking Mental Performance and Problem Solving to The Next Level



To help the UK Sales Team increase sales.

To help the team see that the reason they hadn’t hit target for almost five years had nothing to do with the economy, competition or any external factors, and everything to do with their mindset.

The biggest challenge was changing the way they saw the world and respectfully having them realise that, as compelling as it seemed, they are the creators of their experience, including stress, burnout and results.


Individual intake sessions with all team members to identify where people are at and to orient the group in preparation for the programme.

The main objective being to have the team realise for themselves how the mind works.  From this rise in collective consciousness, insights and solutions flow.

Individual follow up sessions to answer any questions that may have come up as well as reinforce learnings and help fill in any blind spots that may still exist.  

% Sales Increase


Additional Revenue


Wellness Increase


Stress Reduction 



“The 2 day course was a breath of fresh air. In terms of results, we are showing huge improvement with our sales performance, but more importantly, the team are able to deal with situations more effectively with a clearer mind. 

I can’t thank Tony enough for not only delivering a great course, but also opening our minds to a new way of understanding, many thanks Tony. We will certainly be using your services in the future.

– Mark Smith, UK Sales Manager, Hochiki Europe Ltd